Agali Logistics LTD. | We deliver worldwide logistics for you!
Agali Logistics LTD. | We deliver worldwide logistics for you!
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Our expertise

Agali Logistics range of services extends across next core categories: International/Multimodal Transport, Trade Compliance, Contract Logistics, Global Supply Chain, Industrial Projects, and Customer Value.


Our performance stems from a worldwide network of experts and from value-added integrated information systems and tools which afford complete visibility on all operations throughout the entire supply chain.


We are committed to a responsible purchasing approach across the worldwide territories in which the company operates, working only with a panel of approved suppliers (air, ocean and road freight companies) that have undergone our strict selection process to allow us to fulfill our commitment to providing the best service at the best price. Suppliers are regularly assessed to ensure they continue to meet Agali Logistics requirements in terms of quality, deadlines, innovation and economic performance.

Who we are

Agali Logistics is a global partner in international transport & logistics. The mission of the company is to support its customers as they grow by providing customized service that allows them to be more competitive in their respective markets.


Agali Logistics is committed to delivering reliable, flexible innovative and value-creating solutions.


Company is on the constant quest for improvement and optimization that is central to the company’s own culture and values.

A brand of Agali Logistics LTD

Agali Logistics is a international transport expedition and logistics operator across many countries on 5 continents that is working to satisfy our global customers. Specializing in multimodal transport, the group is active in freight forwarding and additional logistics services.