Agali Logistics LTD. | Our Services
Agali Logistics LTD. | Our Services
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Our range of modular services extends across these categories: Multimodal Transport, Trade Compliance, Contract Logistics, Global Supply Chain, Industrial Projects and Customer Value. Our performance stems from a worldwide network of experts and from value-added integrated information systems and tools which afford complete visibility on all operations throughout the entire supply chain.


Every activity has its own logistics needs, that is why Agali Logistics has developed the specific expertise required in a range of different sectors, all of which are backed by a network of experts on every continent, customized operational tools, clear-cut processes and logistics techniques.

Right beside you

Passionate about what they do, inventive, and enterprising, the men and women at Agali Logistics undertake to design bespoke services and to carry out those services with the utmost transparency, respect for the commitments and compliance.

Sustainable purchasing and supplier relations

Agali Logistics is committed to a responsible purchasing approach across the 109 territories in which the company operates, working only with suppliers, subcontractors and agents sharing the same values as those in the company’s code of conduct.

The qualification and selection of freight transport service providers are governed by a vendor management procedure.