Agali Logistics LTD. | Transport
Agali Logistics LTD. | Transport
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International freight forwarding is our core business from group’s origin. High-performance transport is a driver of competitiveness.


In a complex and volatile world, a lean and agile supply chain is essential for the creation of value. Cost efficiency, time to market constraints, lower carbon footprint are key-performance objectives of all our customers. They select partners with proven capabilities for providing top quality service and for ensuring the visibility of international flows.

We offer a full range of multimodal services:

Overland transportation services

Air transport services

Urgent transport – 24/7

Combined air/ocean shipping

Cargo security checks


Pre & post carriage operations


Other services also include temperature-controlled transportation, carriage of dangerous products, unaccompanied baggage, insurance of goods and etc.

Ocean transport services

  • Full containers
  • Consolidation solutions
  • Break-bulk

Overland transport services

  • Road transport: Pick-up/Delivery
  • Container haulage
  • Full Truck Load, Less Than Truck (FTL/LTL)

Waterway transport

  • Rail transport (Africa, Asia-Europe)