Agali Logistics LTD. | Transportation solutions
Agali Logistics LTD. | Transportation solutions
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Agali Ligostics rigorously complies with the strictest quality standards, all local and international regulations and the specific requirements of its customers.
Its unique control and information systems ensure maximum visibility in the management of a full spectrum of operations from single shipments to the coordination of complex logistics networks. Customers are kept informed at every stage of the process, right up to the final delivery.

Agali Ligostics delivers next transportation solutions:

Food & Beverage Logistics

Fresh-cut flowers Logistics

Consumer & Retail Logistics

Healthcare Logistics

Fashion Logistics

Manufacturing & Engineering Logistics

Energy Logistics

Perfumes & Cosmestics Logistics

Aid & Relief Logistics

Flavors & Fragrances Logistics

Automotive Logistics

Soft Commodities
and etc.